A day collaborating with local youth workers, and a FREE lunch!

All about YS Unconference

YS Unconference is a free, lunch-included, “pop-up” event for youth workers, in your area. We know that while some topics are hot across the nation, your community may be working through unique issues that could use some attention. YS Unconference is different than any other ministry event you’ve seen before because we don’t show up with an agenda – you set the agenda for the day, the YS team provides structure and direction, and together we tackle the biggest issues and concerns with your ministry.

For 2016, we are still looking for host churches to partner with us to bring this great event to their community. If you’re interested in hosting YS Unconference in your area, please fill out the form below (coming soon).

It's a free event, but we still need you to register...

What is the YS Unconference?

If you’re like me when I go to a convention or conference some of the best moments are not the general sessions and seminars. Often I find energy at a convention to be the “in between” spaces like meals and breaks when paths cross and spontaneous meetings happen. Like, during a coffee break, that’s when the sparks fly!

~Mark Matlock on why YS Unconference is such a unique experience


The thing that makes YS Unconference unique is that there's no agenda when you walk in. The youth workers who come together for the day determine what's important to them, and that's when the agenda is built.

Sponsorships still available!