Good Things Happen When We Come Together.

If you’re like me when I go to a convention or conference some of the best moments are not the general sessions and seminars. Often I find energy at a convention to be the “in between” spaces like meals and breaks when paths cross and spontaneous meetings happen. Like, during a coffee break, that’s when the sparks fly!

An event with “coffee break” energy!

A YS Unconference is designed around collaboration, discussion and relationships. It isn’t about lectures or training but rather about learning from each other, identifying and solving problems we share in the field of youth ministry. Rather than a person or committee planning the direction of the event from the top down, the event “self organizes” from the bottom up.

Because we all are experts.

The experts at a YS Unconference are you! (And yes, if you are doing youth ministry in any context, you are an “expert in the field”). Join us this spring, check out the cities and locations.

$10 gets you in the door…and feeds you!

You can be part of YS Unconference for just $10, which covers your lunch and snacks for the day. Share a meal, share ideas, and let’s see what happens! Each event begins at 9:00am and ends at 4:00pm.


Cincinnati, OH—May 15, 2014

Parkside Christian Church
6986 Salem Road
Cincinnati, OH 45230

Baltimore, MD—June 25, 2014

Mount Pleasant Church
6000 Radecke Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21206